• Intrigued
    Posted at 15:36h, 24 July Reply

    Hello, Did Alexis have an affair with Ms Cerrito before or after Emma?

  • franklorford
    Posted at 21:47h, 24 July Reply

    Hello. In answer to your question. Alexis after the death of his wife, in 1843 went to a ballet ‘Ondine’ which featured Fanny Cerrito. He was introduced to her and instantly fell in Love. Fanny enjoyed dating Alexis as he was someone as famous as herself. As they got closer her father Raffaele Cerrito worried, he might lose control of her. So, whisked her away from London to Brighton, then France. For the last year, she had been partnered with Arthur St Leon on 17th April 1845 her father persuaded her to marry Arthur, this marriage lasted until 1850 when they went their separate ways. Alexis then started a very discreet affair with her. When he was in the Crimea. He stayed until 1856. Fanny was touring Russia, he waited for her, then accompanied her back to Paris. He stayed with her at her home 17 Rue de l’oratoire until 2nd May 1857. Before leaving Paris, they got married. When he died in 1858, he was buried with Emma in Kensal Green, when all the mourners left a journalist noted that a very grand woman with two enormous bouquets, which she layed at the grave – This woman was Francesca Teresa Guiseppa Cerrito.

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